Category: Writing-Life Balance

Thoughts and resources on balancing my writing habit with the realities of everyday life.

Ode to the Working Mom

I love my day job. It gives me responsibilities that I know are making contributions to the development of devices that can save lives. My job fills me with purpose and provides me with opportunities to grow both professionally and intellectually. I am driven to succeed, to do my job...


Let’s get real about motherhood for a sec. My son is six weeks old. Yesterday was filled with bouts of red-in-the-face crying. No food, cuddle, swing, pacifier, or yoga ball bounce (usually a sure-fire thing) could soothe his woes. At times like this, my heart will rage in my chest,...

When you can’t just pick two

Engineering is all about problem-solving and optimization. Oftentimes you may be caught in a scenario where you have to pick two design parameters and get as close as you can with the third. Many will apply this ‘pick two principle’ to career success and work-life balance. As I look now at my three competing passions (family, engineering, writing), I hate to believe this is true.