Category: Ongoing Projects

Insights into my works in progress.

Blank notebook page

Getting unstuck?

A self-diagnosis of my writing process I’ve been mulling over an idea for a larger writing project for quite some time now. Whenever I find time to write, though, I find myself staring like a gaping fish at my blinking cursor or my blank notebook page (a familiar feeling to...

Dear Antagonist

Getting to know my villains

Many of the short stories I have written over the last year saw their genesis through NYC Midnight‘s Flash Fiction or Short Story Challenges. In these challenges, writers are given a certain amount of time (48 hrs for the Flash Fiction Challenge, varying lengths of time for the Short Story...

Knowing the Players

As an aspiring writer, I consider reading to be a critical part of honing my craft. However, though I love writing short fiction, I haven’t read that much short fiction. Because of this, I also don’t yet have a good handle on magazines and journals that would be interested in...